Online Pinddaan

ONLINE PIND DAAN Service FOR NRI or Very Busy Person :

Online Pind Daan is not a type of Pind Dan, It is a service provided by us ,This service is for people who have not time to visit to VARANASI,GAYA and ALLAHABAD, but want to give Pind or Tarpan to his ancestors or departed family members, In this service, In place of you all the pooja is done by other people for your ancestors, and he or she will give Pind or Tarpan to your ancestors inplace of you, And for your confirmation that Pind or Tarpan or Pooja is done for your ancestors,    We will deliver you the CD cassette of pooja to your given address. 

This service is only for people who have not some days to visit VARANASI, GAYA and ALLAHABAD, or no any means of transport to reach INDIA or due to lack of time, he or she is helpless, but want to offer Pind or Tarpan to his ancestors or any departed family members . 

And to know the charges of this service and for any more details about ONLINE PIND DAAN service contact us on  Click Here 

The following information is required for offering Pind Daan -

 The complete Name and Address of the person for whom you want to offer Pind Daan.

  • Your relationship with him.
  • At what age He / She died.
  • How many years or months or days back He or She died.
  • Reason of Death
  • Approximate Time of Death (in A.M. or in P.M.).
  • Place of Death
  • Scanned or Hard Copy of his or her Photograph (optional)
  • One Photograph of deceased person.
  • Name of family member on whose behalf the Puja is to be performed and a list of other family members.

Our Company’s management / Brahman team will monitor the event personally. We will organize “Pandit” ,”Places” and all Puja elements (Puja Itmes,Vidhi,Mantra) of Puja as per your community like Punjabi, Marwari, Gujrati, Tamil, Bengalies or Maharshtrian etc. We will arrange video recording for all these events.

Note: - According to Garuda Purana and many Religious books, anyone can perform religious rituals on your behalf. It would be considered successful and all the credit will be yours, as if you performed them.

What is the credibility that your site will perform the rituals on my behalf?

A complete video coverage and photographs of the event will be provided to you.

We promise and pledge to perform these events according to procedures mentioned in the Hinduism on your behalf. From prayers to arranging holy tours, everything is organized in a way that suits your schedule and follows the procedures mentioned in the holy books of Hinduism.

If your family follows a certain procedure of offering prayers then that would be followed to ensure your satisfaction. If you do not know the procedure then our in house pandits will make you aware of the process and perform all the rituals as mentioned in the Hinduism.