Pitru Tarpan

Pitru tarpan Means Offering of water to deceased ancestors souls (pitar) is called as Pitru tarpan. A Jivatpitruk is not allowed to perform Pitrutarpan. Apart from expectation of Pinda and offering of food topriests (Brahmins) from its descendants, the deceased ancestors souls also expect offering of water (udak) from them. By performing tarpan, the deceased ancestors souls not only get satisfied and leave us, but they also bestow long life, radiance, superior intellect (brahmavarchaswa), wealth, success and foodstuff (ability to digest the food consumed) on the host performing the tarpan and satisfies him too.

Tarpan for God, Sages and deceased ancestors souls should be performed regularly (daily). The daily ritual of tarpan should be accomplished in the early morning after having bath. If it is not possible to perform Shraddha for deceased ancestors souls daily, then one should at least perform tarpan. Pitru tarpan should be performed on the day following the day on which Parvan Shraddha is performed.Sesame seeds should be used in the ritual of Pitru tarpan. Sesame seeds are available in two varieties, black and white. Black sesame seeds should be used for Shraddha. If sesame seeds are not available then gold or silver should be used.

Tila tarpan means offering sesame seeds mixed in water to the deceased ancestors souls.Tila tarpan (as a part of Shraddha) should be offered to the same number of ancestors souls for whom the shraddha has been performed. Tila tarpan is performed before Darsha shraddha and in case of annual shraddha; tila tarpan is performed on the following day of the shraddha. In case of any other shraddha, tila tarpan is performed just after performing the shraddha. Tila tarpan is not performed during Nandi Shraddha, Sapindi Shraddha etc.