The work done with devotion (shraadh) is known as shraadh. There is also a sunray called as shraadh which rises at noon and provides elements essential for life to human beings and living beings conduct jaap, pooja (worship), anushthan, shraadh etc.. to provide power to that sunray. That's why there is the tradition of conducting Shraadh in afternoon. Therefore as various necessities are required for survival similarly shraadh is essential for satisfaction of ancestors (pitra).Ancestors being satisfied by the Shraadh ceremony, bestows their blessings on their heirs in forms of happiness and propriety.

In Indian Hindu culture three kinds of Shraadh has been described .


Different time and procedure has been determined for the human being to get relief from all the above stated RINS.

But in today's scientific era ,due to polluted contemplations ,the human being are getting far away from all these activites which leads to various adverse consequences in form of pain ,sorrow, failures etc..Though pooja ,vrat (fasting)etc.. human being satisfies the devrin. PITRARIN are satisfied though Shraadh etc. hence these ceremonies must be performed.

Shraadh ceremony shall not be performed in another's home otherwise nothings achieved if done so. According to shashtra, shraadh shall be performed only at religious places for getting its maximum benefits. If Shraadh is performed at religious places its benefit increases to eight times. According to Indian culture, the ashes of the funeral of the deceased person shall be flown into Ganges and if possible then it shall be performed at some religious spots.

Conclusion : Shraadh ceremony is kind of responsibility held by the heirs of deceased so as to satisfy the various kinds of obligations one posses towards their ancestors. This ceremony is performed as per the procedure prescribed in our VEDAS and GRANTHAS. The well compliance of the prescribed procedure while conducting Shraadh procedure leads to various favorable consequences. In case of non compliance of this mandatory responsibility, the individual is encompassed by various misfortune and adverse consequences.

Today due to hectic schedule people don't find time for performing the above ceremonies. the alternate remedy in cases of non compliance of such ceremonies has been obtained to put the human being at ease in their busy schedule. In these cases you can send the ashes of the funeral of your deceased ancestors through post or parcel to our address. After performing the Shraadh ceremony of the very ashes as per directed in our VEDAS and GRANTHAS ,the video recording of the said ceremony would be send to you at your given address.

Once this ceremony being performed , i can assure you that all of your obstacles viz; family related impediments, physical, mental ,social and various other kinds of obstacles would be irradiated forever.

You can contact me anytime on my contact number in order to have any further details about this very procedure.

At last this is my humble request to the religious communities to contribute their best in proclaiming this effort of ours among others